Government Export/Sales

Government Sales:

At Bluewater we are uniquely positioned to assist you with your project. Whether you require a single unit for a your local municipality or several units for offshore interventions, our staff is ready to assist in the planning, design and execution of our vessels purposely outfitted to suit your exacting specification.

The Bluewater hull is a proven performer, designed to run strong in the rough offshore waters found along the coastal regions while still capable of inshore patrol in reasonably shallow water. We foam fill our boats to provide a reserve of buoyancy as well as damage protection should the hull become holed. We custom build each boat so your requirements can be built in at the factory along with all of your electronics needs. The finished product will be delivered complete, sea-trialed and ready for active duty.

We take pride in delivering on time and on budget. Contact our sales department to see how Bluewater can exceed you expectations for performance, quality and service on your next project.

Export Sales:

We have Bluewater Boats fishing in many areas throughout the world. Many offshore anglers from foreign ports have chosen Bluewater for it ride, dependability and quality. We have an active fleet in Baja, several boats in the Islands off the coast of Africa, Spain,the lower Caribbean as well as the Bahamas, closer to home.

We make the purchase easy and can meet the requirements of the European Union or any local agency. If you’re looking for a high quality offshore boat for use in your home area, contact us directly to discuss your needs and let us show how Bluewater can make it happen…