In the fall of 2005 I ordered a BW 2150. I had retired to the Baja peninsula of Mexico four years earlier, had become addicted to fishing alone both in the Sea of Cortez and off the Pacific coast, and was looking for a boat with a deep V hull, a flush deck, a big fishbox, and enough range to allow three or four day trips. Living in a small village 700 miles south of the border, I did my research on the Internet and by phone. Bluewater made the short list along with an alloy plate boat made in Washington state, Kencraft, Contender, and McKee Craft. A trip north left no doubt that I needed a Bluewater.

Paul had a 37 gallon auxiliary gas tank fabricated and installed where the aft fishbox normally is on a 2150, plumbed the foreward fishbox, cut down the windshield so I wouldn’t have to look through spray on the plastic when running at night, customized the T-top, and basically did everything else I asked to make the boat just like I wanted it. It was not without trepidation that I set about having a boat built 4,000 miles from the factory in another country. Any concerns I had, however, evaporated as it quickly became apparent that Paul is at least as much a perfectionist as I am. I drove back and picked up the boat in January, 2006. Everything was exactly as I had discussed with Paul. Actually, the only surprise was the final cost. I had expected to pay more.

Over the next four and a half years I put nearly 4,000 hours on the 2150, more and more of it off shore, spending nights on the boat at anchor or adrift.

Last summer when I decided I needed a bigger boat I didn’t even consider another brand. I flew back to Florida to see a 23T that was in the shop, and ordered one. I went back to pick it up in August, and now have 450 hours on it. As with the 2150, Paul built the T just as I wanted it, including installing the console that normally goes on a 2150. And, as with the 2150, the 23T has been nearly flawless. I have been a little disappointed at how much more gas the DF300 burns than the DF175 on the 2150, but that’s not the fault of the boat. You’ve got to feed those horses.

I thought when I got both the 2150 and the 23T I was getting the best center console fishing boat in its class, and I still do. If anybody has any questions about my experience with either, or with the company, please ask.

By: Bill Erhardt on March 10, 2011
We ordered a 2850 in ’04 – our first new boat! We LOVE our Bluewater! Repowered with Paul in March 2010 – twin Suzuki 300’s – a great match! We maintain our baby to the highest standard and she shows it. It’s a great compliment to have people come over to our boat at the ramp to check her out. Even better when they say something to the effect of..’wow, that’s a beautiful new boat’. When we say it’s a 2004, many people think we are kidding. We do a lot of diving and never have a shortage of people who want to go on our boat. We have been very pleased with the boat and the Bluewater team!
By: John & Charlene on June 29, 2011