Spent a great day on the water running botht eh BW 160 Pro and the BW 160 Fly Caster. One boat, the 160 Pro was fitted with an Evinrude Etec 75hp. The BW 160 Fly Caster was equipped with a Suzuki 90hp. Both boats had a half tank of fuel and we ran in calm seas conditions typical of what you might find inshore on any average day fishing…Both boats were quick to plane and the boats leveled off nicely after a moment of bow rise on application of the throttle. As you can see from the photos the boats ran level with no trim tabs and although the water was calm there was no spray and the water exited the stern of the boat nice and clean. We did get a chance to run through some chop created by other boats passing by. Both boats cut through the chop without an issue with no pounding or slap and a very solid feel. Overall the boats are stable, quick and we are very pleased with the results.

The BW 160 Pro features in deck storage in front of the boat with access through an on deck hatch. Forward there is an anchor locker. Under the gunnels on each side there is rod storage which will hold a 9 foot fly rod without any isues. Aft, a 20 gallon live well is flanked by two outboard storage lockers. In keeping with our goals at Bluewater we have created more storage on this boat then any other boat in its class and finished it with a very high level of quality. If your in the market for and 16 foot inshore fishing platform you really need to stop by and take a close look!!!

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Our BW 160 Fly Caster is very similar to the 160 Pro with one big exception, the entire forward deck is clear of any obstructions making this a great boat for fly fishing. We provided a huge storage locker under the forward deck but moved the access to the vertical forward face of the cockpit to keep the deck clean so there is nothing to snag a line. The 160 Fly Caster features the same great rod storage, console and live well as the BW 160 Pro and performs just as well…Both of these boats would run fine with an economical 60hp outboard and still provide ample speed to get you out to your spot!!!

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