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I have an 09 21 with a 225 ETech. I have absolutely amazed everyone that has been on my boat. In 3-4 ft seas I have run 24-26 miles an hour and not gotten wet. They can’t believe the way a 21 like mine runs. I can only dream of the way a 23 would run. Totally impressed!
By: Mike Engel on November 30, 2010
After 2.5 years and 1000 hours on the 2850, I am still impressed each time I run offshore in rough weather. This boat has opened up many more fishing day for me and I can not be happier. To this day, I still smile each time I head out into rough water and cut through that first wave with no pounding or soaking. I have been fishing offshore most of my life and this is the best riding boat in it’s class that I have had the pleasure of fishing on. The layout and cockpit space are perfect for fishing and even with 5-6 people, it does not feel crowded. The factory support has been second to none from the build process up to after delivery service. I look forward to many more hours on this boat and could not be happier.
By: Ryan Briggs on February 23, 2011
I sold my 33 H/S and was looking for a deep vee and economy on a well made and well thought out boat- Found it at Fish On boating Center with the help of Lorie Rhyne and Roland. I’ve owned Parkers, Edgewaters, Hydra Sport- this is the best all around fishing and dive boat I have ever found- what a ride. Built with the highest const- standards.
By: Capt. Tom Tucker on May 14, 2011
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