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Bluewater Owners Around the world

Viktor and Brook Crist (Landshark Outdoors)

Join us in welcoming social media sensations Viktor and Brook Crist from Landshark Outdoors to the Bluewater family! We are very excited to announce our partnership with them and can't wait to see them put their new Bluewater 2850 to work. For now, enjoy the announcement video produced by Landshark Outdoors featuring Ken and Kelly Goldfarb, the owners of Bluewater Boats, as they slay the Mutton Snapper!

Model 25T in video, Landshark Outdoors 2850 coming soon...
David Sanquini

After looking at new similar sized center consoles to purchase (25-28ft range), I settled on my new Bluewater 25t. I work in the marine industry and am around boats all day every day, so I tend to heavily pick apart any boat that I’m interested in purchasing. To say that I am thoroughly impressed with every aspect of this boat would be an understatement. The fit and finish is top of the line. The ride quality is incredible. The features and fishability of boats in this size range are unmatched to the 25t. And the price was competitive among other top of the line brands. It’s also impressive to experience the customer service of a family owned boat builder. If you have an issue, concern, or even just a question, you get an extremely quick response from a direct employee, or even from the owner of Bluewater himself. I would 100% not hesitate to purchase another Bluewater in the future, dealing with them has been a pleasure!

Model 25T
Image of Bluewater 2350 model boat by Bluewater Boats.
Robert Hawley

Compared several of the highest quality 23-25' center consoles, but after 17 years & 1700+ hrs to include several Bahama trips I always trust my 2350 to get me home safe even in unpredictable Atlantic storms.

Model 2350
Bryan Connley
Owner of Connley Fishing based in West Palm Beach

Hello, this is Bryan Connley and I own Connley Fishing based in West Palm Beach. My business builds hand made top quality fishing rods for most of these serious tournament fishing boats, as well as many recreational fisherman who want a good quality set of fishing rods for their new boat. We have been making rods for almost 35 years now. We started out with the 2550 Bluewater. We caught everything you can imagine on that boat from hundreds of Mahi, lots of Kingfish, Sailfish, and even a Blue Marlin. We ran the 2550 boat across to the Bahamas multiple times, and really enjoyed some of the Bluewater rendezvous, giving us a chance to meet many other proud Bluewater owners. I remember selling that boat a couple years ago and watching it drive away on the trailer and my wife and I were very very sad to see it leave. Such a perfect boat! ….. and by the way, the very first person that saw that 2550 boat bought it, which is another reason to buy a Bluewater, selling your Bluewater is super easy! People know the brand!! We had the new 2850 on order simply because we needed more room. We spend a lot of time with the family and friends and we always seem to have 8 to 12 people on the boat at the sandbar! The new boat “The Rodfather” is everything and more than we ever dreamed. I was a little intimidated at first as this boat was much bigger than the old one, but within a month I got very used to it. Our very 1st fishing trip we set out to catch a Wahoo and within 45 minutes we had a beautiful wahoo laying on the deck as we celebrated. My intention from day one when I met with Paul at Bluewater back in the day was to pair up one of the very best fishing rod companies with one of the best saltwater fishing boats and create a solid team so we could help each other grow together, and it has been a perfect marriage from day one forward. We absolutely love our Bluewater boat, and we are considering building another one sooner than later!

Model 2850
Image of a Bluewater Boat model boat.
Casey Hampson

My name is Casey Hampson.  My Husband Jason and I admired Bluewaters for decades.  Once we were married and settled in our home, our next goal was a boat.  We had both grown up on the water in Florida but had been boatless for 5 years while starting our lives together. During those 5 years we went to boat shows looking at everything they offer in the 23’ to 28’ class because we didn’t think our dream Bluewater 2550 would ever be possible for us.  During those 5 years we ended every show at the Bluewater display sitting in a 2550 with either Pete or Paul because nothing at that entire show compared to a Bluewater. We loved that they are locally made and use high quality components. You could just tell the difference when you closed the hatches on a Bluewater that they were well made and used quality hinges, latches, etc. Other boats we looked at always had a “cheap” feel about them when compared to a Bluewater.  I also personally loved Bluewater’s use of space and lack of silly frills that are difficult to clean. Everything on a Bluewater had purpose and used the space perfectly.  As the person who cleans the boat, that was very important to me.  Finally in May of 2017 we went into Jupiter Point Marina “just to look”.  Well we ended up putting a deposit down on the gorgeous new ice green girl out front with those twin 200 Suzukis we dreamed about. We just realized that we would never be happy with anything but a Bluewater.  A few days later we came back for a sea trial.  If we weren’t already in love, that sealed the deal. The way that hull cut through the Jupiter inlet will forever stick in our minds.  A couple days later we brought her home and haven’t looked back. She has given us so many amazing memories and fish stories with our family.  Several family members have celebrated birthdays fishing on her, and she has also provided many 1st sailfish for so many of our loved ones, which is something we love doing. Most importantly makes us feel safe out there.  We have gotten caught in a couple storms where the seas kicked up before we got back in and she has never let us down.  She has cut through the nasty chop and rollers without issue every time and got us home safe.  Whenever that has happened, my husband and I look at each other once safe in the inlet and say “and that’s why we bought a Bluewater”

Model 2550
Image of Bluewater 2550 model boat by Bluewater Boats.
image of model 2850
Chris Dency

In 2018 I shopped and sea trialed every boat in the 30’ class and the decision to purchase a 2850 Bluewater was easy. There is not another boat in this class that provides the cockpit space, range, and ride that we need to fish the Mid-Atlantic canyons. The cockpit has more space than boats 10’ larger and carrying 350 gallons allows us to get to wherever the fish are. Our average offshore trip is 250 miles so comfort is critical and the Bluewater leaves nothing to be desired. Between the rear fish boxes and massive bow box, we can easily pack out 12+ yellowfin in the 70lb class and ice lasts days in these boxes. The Armstrong bracket has been fantastic for gaffing wahoo away from the boat, as well as safely landing and releasing large striped bass with minimal stress on the fish.  These boats punch way above their size class, and if you have never seen one in person you are doing yourself a disservice. Get yourself on one and your decision will be easy.

Model 2850
Matthew McCormack

I’m not really sure where to start, I’ve been boating as long as I can remember. I’ve been on many different boats and liked a lot of them but always owned Makos. It was a few years ago after riding on a friends contender 23T, my wife said…I really like this open bow and all the room it has. I replied with a me too and took it as an opening to get a different class of CC. I looked all around and the price of those Contenders was just flat out unaffordable for the average household income. So my friend who has this 23T said, have you ever thought about a Bluewater? I said, no, haven’t ever heard of them. We live in NE Florida, so they aren’t all over the place up here. Well, the hunt to find a 2350 BW to get my eyes on had started. After about a month and lots of phone calls and friends of friends I had found a guy local to me who agreed to let my wife and I put our eyes on the boat. IMMEDIATELY, I knew this was the boat I wanted and I hadn’t even rode on one yet. The space, the layout and the functionality of everything sold my wife and I. Now began the journey of locating a used 2350 that wasn’t beat to hell and over priced. Months had gone by I had looked at a couple and had some leads on some others but nothing panned out. During this time I had a few questions about the boats. Someone suggested I call the shop and ask away and that everyone there was super friendly and helpful. Wouldn’t you know, I got Paul on the phone two separate times answering questions and giving me his time. I didn’t even own a BW yet, I was just wanting to buy a used one and here this guy is helping me cause that’s who he is. That went a long way with me. That, coupled with the affordable price is what really sold me and put it over the edge. I had to have a 2350 and wouldn’t settle for anything else. A Saturday In December of 2021, I was drinking coffee and frustrated that I hadn’t found a BW yet. I said to myself, let me check Craigslist, nobody hardly post there but it’s worth a shot. No BS, I type in Bluewater and up pops a beautiful 2004 grey sides, white bottom and red TTop Bluewater 2350 with a 2003 Yamaha F225….well within my price range. Long story short, it’s in Homestead and I have a mechanic and another friend check the boat out for me before I make the drive. It was beautiful, so off I went. I arrived to meet an older gentleman by the name of Rumberto. He is the original owner of this boat, went to the factory and had it built. I couldn’t believe all of this, I was ecstatic. I bought the boat and towed her home. Since that day we have put countless hours and days on that 2350 as a family and fishing. It has served us well and will be the last boat we own. When the 225 fails, I’ll put a 300 on her and give her another 20 years. Thank y’all for a great boat. We love it. I’d love to stop and see the factory one day.

Model 2350
image of model 2350
image of model 2150
Tyler Brennessel

We are nearing the end our 4th season on our 2150 in New Jersey. Coming from a 20’ boat of another brand to the Bluewater was a night and day, game changing difference for us. We have had this boat absolutely everywhere , from early season back bay Striped Bass in 4’ of water to Yellowfin tuna on NJ’s 30 fathom line, and everything in between. We’ve always been confident in the boat and are constantly impressed with the ride and capability. There are simply no other builders currently making an offshore 21 footer that can compete in this category as far as size, ride, deadrise, closed transom and cockpit space, in deck boxes, and overall performance and build quality. 

Model 2150
Ben Choi

The ‘Safety Second’ is a 2006 2350 with twin Yamaha 150 HPDIs out of Coquina Key, FL. We compete in all of the major spearfishing tournaments on the west coast of FL. We chose the 2350 Bluewater because it had the best ride in its class while offering the ability to carry a significant amount of scuba tanks and gear in the front fish box. We are continually impressed by the ride quality, fishability, and build quality of the 2350 Bluewater as we put this little boat through several tournaments a year.

Model 2550
image of model 2150
Image of Bluewater 2350 model boat by Bluewater Boats.

Gonzalo RuizLive Salty Fishing Charters out of Miami running an ‘04 2550 BW with Twin ‘19 200 Zukes. Love my Bluewater!! Beast of a Rig!

Model 2550

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